Past Events
23 & 27 October
Perth, Australia

Fighting Monkey Practice
Intensive 11

Intensive 5X6 is designed for small group of practitioners to dive into Fighting Monkey training structures, concepts and philosophy.

Learning and testing how we can use and harness energy in novel way. Testing values, aesthetic, or practical, which have been considered for a long time as certain and beyond discussion, by unconventional and irregular movement situations.

Working with movement tools and materials that help us to sculpt new reality. Studying stable concepts that make us less receptive and resistant to novel ideas and interpretation.

Contextualizing ‘movement development’ and ‘movement situations’ in regard to the ‘5 social forces’. 

The research steers towards an individual realization of the magnitude, to which, diverse situations influence our knowledge and communication potentials.

Workshop address
Naravi, 89 Rowcliffe Road, Forest Grove WA  MAP


Wednesday, 23 October 2019 --> Sunday, 27 October 2019

5 full days of practice / hours and breaks will be defined accordingly during the event

Event Booking 
Early Bird price (including accommodation and food) : 2.200€

Total event price (including accommodation and food) : 2.500 € (approx. 4.050 AUD)
1st Deposit : 900 € (approx.  1.460 AUD)
2nd Deposit : 900 € (approx.  1.460 AUD)
3rd Deposit : 700 € (approx. 1.135  AUD)

* The 3 deposits must be completed by October 5th - latest deadline. 
** The early bird price discount does not apply to the 3 deposits payment option.

Naravi is set in 53 acres of natural Jarrah forrest. 3 hours drive south of Perth in the Margaret River Wine Region. Naravi has been built to encompass a passion for nature and sustainability. The entire property runs off the grid with all water sourced from the rain.  

Facilities include: Open studio, outdoor rig, leisure swimming pool, kitchen. 

The Accommodation is all onsite at Naravi. The Cottages are a few minutes walk through the trees to the studio and main kitchen where we will practice and all share meals.  All accommodation is shared rooms, 4 people per cottage. The cottages are cosy and include a small kitchenette, dining table, living area and back patio.

What is included: 
6 nights stay in shared room (22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, October) 
Check in 22/10 – Check out 28/10

To see photos of the venue and lodging please visit:

* Please note that single rooms are not available and that there are only shared bathrooms.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in the main kitchen. Our focus is to use fresh and local ingredients to provide homemade nourishing meals. Breakfast and dinner will be made daily on premise with lunch being provided by Macrofit Meals.
For any dietary requirements please contact : 

What is included:
3 main meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
There is always free coffee and tea.

If you are travelling from interstate or overseas we will be able to help you arrange transport to the venue from Perth on Tuesday 22nd October. 

You will need to be in Perth before lunchtime on the 22nd and contact in advance to gather details. 

For more details 
please contact our host Emma at:

Refund Policy
We would like you to regard your participation in this special event as important as we do.
We make all kinds of arrangements according to who participates in the event.
Therefore we have put some time limits for our refund policy in case of cancellation on your behalf.
We would like to make clear that 4 weeks before the event starts we give no refunds whatever the reason of cancellation. 
For the period before that we can give you a full refund only if you find someone to replace you in the event.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them, 
before making any booking in relation to any of the services.