20 & 21 June

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Fighting Monkey Practice
Zero Forms (last longer age better)

a/ Introduction to Zero Forms  FM Practice

b/ Spine Health and Athletic Leg and Coordinations / structure and training organisation

c/  Coordinations and healing / underlying sub-coordinative patterns for healthy human motion

d/ Cognitive Games / Cognitive games  obstacle games in nonlinear environment

e/ Lecture / Tomorrow Never Knows (ZERO FORMS AND WHY TO GET ENGAGED)


3-8 August

Ancient Olympia, Greece

Fighting Monkey Practice 
Intensive 13

FM Intensive 2020
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 August | Ancient Olympia, Greece 

What is FM Intensive : 
6 extraordinary days full of physical practice, discussions, creative acts and a lot of fun with one single purpose. 
To improve quality of life, movement, learning, health and thinking.

June 2020

FM online classes

Fighting Monkey
From the Other Side
online classes by Linda Kapetanea

60min of movement improvisation based on bellow concepts

I have specific composition, proportion
I use movement patterns
I create and break habits
I coordinate, I create and orchestrate my motion
I stand, I move, I interact, I ADAPT”

12 online live classes (60 min.) from 3 to 29 June, 2020

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