Fighting Monkey PracticeZero Forms (last longer age better)
6, 7, 8 November
Copenhagen, Denmark

Fighting Monkey Practice
Zero Forms (last longer age better)

a/ Introduction to Zero Forms FM Practice

b/ Spine Health and Athletic Leg and Coordinations / structure and training organisation

c/  Coordinations and healing / underlying sub-coordinative patterns for healthy human motion

d/ Cognitive Games / Cognitive games  obstacle games in nonlinear environment

e/ Lecture / Tomorrow Never Knows (ZERO FORMS AND WHY TO GET ENGAGED)

Take responsibility for your own physical development and healing practices

1/ Understand Individual Biomechanics (we are not the same)
2/ Create Kinetic and Structural Hygiene (to heal, adapt, and accommodate) 
3/ Build  “One Animal” approach ( all systems are interconnected)
4/ Develop Feedback Tool on the health of your joints ( to prevent or avoid future injuries)
5/ Establish foundation for healthy human development and graceful ageing with practical, down to earth solutions and wide range of applications

Create independence from systems based approaches. 
Reach beyond the confines of definitives and compartmentalisation, as nature knows no boundaries and humans are an integral part of nature.
The human body is not a book. We don’t move from one page to the next, we must see all the pages at once and understand the story in it’s totality.

Athletic Leg Basics/ Spine Program/ Coordination 
The Athletic Leg Basics program will help you to understand how your ankles, knees and hips act together as multidirectional shock absorbers storing and producing higher kinetic potential without unnecessary damage. In addition the program will help you to identify your limitations highlight problem areas in your structure and the way you coordinate your movement.

Spine Program 
Back pain greatly impacts our posture, movement and lifespan.It deprives us of all necessary adaptability towards life's challenges; it makes us fragile.Experience our unique approach for spinal health based on 20 years of studies and practice of the FM Zero forms. Shape your spine into a powerful axis around which you can explore and reach further, and greater quality of life will follow.

1/ Learn how highly interconnected we are and why we age as a whole system. 
2/ What are the major contributors to accumulative damage in our joints 
3/ In depth analyses and training structure of Athletic Leg Program and Spine Health.
4/ How to create simple and elegant solutions for Connective tissue elasticity, Structural resilience, Cross-system conditioning and Kinetic energy transfer

Coordinations and their healing aspects 
Underlying sub-coordinative pattern for healthy movement  development

Develop mobility and improve your ability to become more rhythmic and coordinated.
Coordinate and stabilise multidirectional forces in multiple planes, under increasing cognitive complexity and physical fatigue.
How coordination and rhythm positively affect  the health of your joints, but also  decision making and ultimately  communication.

1/ seek lowest energy costs in motion
2/ look for refinement of strategies that would allow to withstand new challenges
3/ establishing movement patterns that link and interconnect, and are as universally valid as possible
4/ translate coordination work into training tool for learning communication and inter-social skills

Cognitive Games
Human rationality should not be reduced to performance in tasks in which search and uncertainty have largely been removed. 
We do not encounter predictable environments We do so only if we  create or search for  “small world”.
Humans have been developing through evolutionary pressures.

How deal with the inherent unpredictability of 
1/ environment
2/ limited knowledge
3/ limited understanding of  other people’s actions/intentions


OUTCOME uncertainty (how much profit will it make)
TEMPORAL uncertainty ( how long it will take)

Key Factor shaping people’s behaviour
1/ Uncertainty in materialization ( will the future outcome materialize and how likely is it?)
2/ Uncertainty in the size ( how large is the future outcome?)
3/ Uncertainty in the subjective value  ( how much benefit from the gain, is it worth)
4/ Uncertainty in the delay  ( how long do I have to wait)

Workshop address
Kulturhuset Indre By, Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3, 
1359 Copenhagen MAP

Friday, 6 November --> Sunday, 8 November 2020

Friday: 13:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

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