Fighting Monkey Practice Intensive 13
3-8 August
Ancient Olympia, Greece

Fighting Monkey Practice 
Intensive 13

FM Intensive 2020
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 August | Ancient Olympia, Greece 

What is FM Intensive : 
6 extraordinary days full of physical practice, discussions, creative acts and a lot of fun with one single purpose. 
To improve quality of life, movement, learning, health and thinking.

Build Your Own Temple
Temple is our body
our architecture in motion
Building temple is 
to creare dialogue
between  the man-made 
nature and the human will
To express singleness of life
The promise
We do not promise any spectacular spiritually or physically transformative experience.
But rather honest practice of care that will take minutes, hours, weeks and year upon year to contribute to  better ageing, quality of life and  communication in complex, but exciting world we live in.
1/ Zero Forms “ Last longer age better”
     a/ Advanced Athletic Leg  Program 
     b/ Extended Spine Program 
     c/ Coordination Program 
     d/ Introduction to Blue Zone Practice 
2/ NEW Practice Ball + 9Speedtool  “Training and applications”
     a/ Simple design/ complex motion  
     b/ Applications for recovery training, endurance and mobility
3/ From movement to athleticism to dance and back
     a/ Foster Improvisation vs. Fixed Movement Material
     b/ Proprioceptive variability and Instability
     c/ Movement Situations in partnering games 
     d/ Cognitive Games
Reach beyond the confines of definitives and compartmentalisation,
as nature knows no boundaries and humans are an integral part of nature.
     a/ Decoding The Coded
     b/ Tomorrow Never Knows 
     c/ Play and Learning
     d/ Risk, uncertainty and human adaptability
     e/ How do we learn motor skills and how we orientate in space
What you get?  “Nothing”
The most creative thing
is to give nothing 
to allow to invent things
to encourage to invent world
You are world original innovators 
Stone & sculpting 
After clay and  wood we make one step further.
We will be sculpting white marble stones
to discover how bones of earth can 
contribute to our internal practice 
To work with time 
Time scale of stone
Time scale of human 
FM Challenge
Physical Poetry Competition
We perform
We do it all the time
Sometimes aware 
Sometimes not
We communicate 
All the time
With ourselves 
With others
In public in private
We do it all the time 
Guest Lectures
To be announced
Ancient Olympia
Where the Gods are
FM Intensive will be in the heart of Ancient Olympia
The city  that hosted the 776 BC first Olympic Games and one of the world's most important archeological sites


Gastronomy & Accommodation 
We will enjoy traditional Greek healthy cuisine.
With our own master chef, our own restaurant and our own wine cellar !
We will visit 
Archaeological Site of Olympia
Temple of Zeus
Ancient Olympic Stadium
Palaestra at Olympia
Greek sea
We will stay in:
4 star hotel where we will be hosted by our friend and supporter of FM practice ... Thanos Touris

Workshop address

Hotel Antonios, 27065 Ancient Olympia, Ilia, Greece MAP

Monday, 3 August 2020 --> Saturday, 8 August 2020

Time schedule
Check in: Sunday 2nd of August after 14.00pm
6 full workshop days: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 August
Check out: Sunday 9th of August before 12.00pm

Monday to Saturday: 6 full days of practice / hours and breaks will be defined accordingly during the event.

Event Booking 
Total event price: 2600€ (including accommodation & food)

For more information about the workshop and booking details
please contact us at:

Refund Policy
We would like you to regard your participation in this special event as important as we do. 
We make all kinds of arrangements according to who participates in the event. Therefore we have put some time limits for our refund policy in case of cancellation on your behalf. 
We would like to make clear that 4 weeks before the event starts we give no refunds whatever the reason of cancellation. For the period before that we can give you a full refund only if you find someone to replace you in the event.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them, before making any booking in relation to any of the services.