Fighting Monkey PracticeUncertainty and risk
13, 14, 15 November
Berlin, Germany

Fighting Monkey Practice
Uncertainty and risk

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a/ Introduction to research objectives of FM Practice

b/ Spine Health / structure and training organisation

c/ Coordinations / underlying sub-coordinative patterns for healthy human motion

d/ Movement Situations / obstacle games in nonlinear environment

e/ Lecture / uncertainty, risk and adaptation 

Spine Program
Last longer age better
But not fast enough to
Replace your spine
Take control of your health

We address spine health through motion on our feet, rather then through “lay on the floor” type of practice that contributes little to long term spine health.

1/ Learn how highly interconnected we are and why we age as a whole system
2/ What are the major contributors to accumulative damage of spine
3/ How to find solutions within our context
4/ How to create simple and elegant solutions for spine strength and mobility in relation to whole body

Underlying sub-coordinative pattern for healthy movement development

Without proper coordination and rhythm we can’t act in world effectively. We will always be in “wrong place and wrong time” missing opportunities to (re)act appropriately in given situations.
We will tech you how to develop mobility and improve your ability to become more rhythmic and coordinated.
How to coordinate and stabilise multidirectional forces in multiple planes, under difficult conditions and increasing cognitive complexity and physical fatigue.
We will also show you how training in coordination and rhythm positively affect the health of your joints, but also decision making and ultimately communication.

1/ seek lowest energy costs in motion
2/ look for refinement of strategies that would allow to withstand new challenges
3/ establishing movement patterns that link and interconnect, and are as universally valid as possible
4/ translate coordination work into training tool for learning communication and inter-social skills

Movement Situations
Chaos and disruption

Learning as a nonlinear, self-organizing and synergic process that is driven by the goal of becoming an adaptive, autonomous actor in the world.

Irregularity, difficulty and pressure are important factors in the development of complex systems such as life.

Movement Situations embrace those elements in open games, created to increase the adaptive value of your movement qualities, your strategic decisions and your creative variability in changing and unpredictable environments.

a/ to encourage active learning through problem solving
b/ find what are the benefits of non-linear learning environment
c/ study how to inspire to open window for positive neuro-plastic change
d/ learn how we learn and how to build relational patterns and encourage autonomy and self expression

Uncertainty/ Risk/ Human Adaptation

Uncertainty is underlying human condition.
We predict our future all the time, but uncertainty and lack of knowledge bedevil people’s prediction of future and also their construction of present and reconstruction of past.
Our knowledge of situations we encounter is imperfect, how can we practice flexible responsiveness and make decisions to achieve our goals under the unmeasurable uncertainty and constrains of the real world.

1/ Reveal dynamic nature of adaptive tools ( especially in context of effective communication and movement)
2/ How you choose tool depending on your accumulated knowledge, working memory, value process, cognitive control
3/ How to create rationality that arise from relation between adaptive tools and the environment (context and dialogue)

Workshop address
Fenriz Training Center,  Lobeckstr. 36, 10969 Berlin MAP
Entrance via backyard 

Friday, 13 November --> Sunday, 15 November 2020

Friday: 12:30 - 17:30
Saturday: 10:30 - 18:30
Sunday: 10:30 - 18:30

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