MONSTERS / Founders:
Jozef & Linda

Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek are the founders of Fighting Monkey Practice. They are both professionally involved in art, athletics and movement research. Since 2002 Linda and Jozef have been developing the Fighting Monkey Practice through a deep study on cross motion analysis and with aim to understand the principles of the human movement, communication and the ageing process.

Linda has a professional Gymnastics and Contemporary Dance background and has been invited to join  most of the dance institutions across Europe and North America. She is the Artistic Director of Kalamata Dance Festival.

Jozef has been studying under the guidance of Master Ming Wong C.Y., also a doctor of Chinese Medicine, the internal principles of movement and their relation to health and ageing. Jozef got his ArtD degree on Voice and Movement in 2002 under the supervision of Ludmila Machatsova, who is considered as one of the most influential communication trainers.


The fundamental areas of FM practice concern:
- The development of Elastic Body with Plastic Brain 
through unorthodox games that aim 
to provoke creativity and ingenuity.

- The development of Coordination and Rythm
in the whole body and their crucial role both
in the small (cellular level) and in the big scale
(relations, habits and goals) of the human life.

- The process of ageing and the ways we can preserve the health of our joints and of the whole musculoskeletal system so that we enhance and sustain our mobility through time

- The development of communication within ourselves as well as with our social and physical environment with aim to refine our learning strategies and to create stories which will inspire and feed our vigor for life

Fighting Monkey® is the exclusive trademark, service mark and intellectual property of the company Liartem s.r.o. Federal trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). All rights reserved. 


Earthquake Architecture

Structural and kinetic hygiene
for better performance, life and ageing
to heal, prevent and diminish 
your future injuries

Any complex activity requires much more
than only strength, mobility or being functional.
Each one of us operates in different context 
and has different goals. 
Create a dynamically coordinated structure to 
accommodate more effectively the forces 
which are acting on you to increase immunity 
and health of your entire body. 
Learn how to identify deficiencies and 
evaluate the age of our joints.
Take responsibility for your own development 
and healing practices. 

Anatomy of Injury

Life rarely happens as you expect 
It is most of the time unpredictable
Develop tolerance to the Irregular 
To handle life’s earthquakes


We design “movement situations“, obstacle games 
to test how valid is your knowledge in various
conditions and how creatively adaptive you are 
in complex situations. 

Our architectural materials are Diversity, Pressure 
and Difficulty and with those we aim at a structure 
which is elastic, resilient, yet soft and alive.

Anatomy of Events

Study how you communicate
What dialogue you create with yourself 
and others during times of crisis 
or when you are challenged
Explore how our structure and physiology interrelate 
with our behavior, emotions, thoughts and 
how deeply they influence each other. 
Question what you already know and how it shapes 
your future learning, how you acquire new
knowledge, how you break habits and create 
better ones, what strategies you use for more 
efficient learning to cultivate qualities instead of 
unadaptable skills and drills.


Being creative is not natural.
To grow and get old is natural. 
We are organisms running on energy,
therefore we try to be as efficient as possible. 
But this efficiency must be challenged 
Our ability  to get out of deadly routine, 
to get lost, be pushed, resist the ordinary, 
seek novelty, strive for new ideas.
Because there is no one you, one idea, 
one angle for looking at things.
Learning new things is confusing,
frustrating, maybe painful,
but comfort takes us nowhere. 

Practice what is alive, 
where new variations, questions, 
outcomes may appear.
Change your brain’s architecture, your movement,
your thinking, your actions.
Do not seek what reassures you,
what you already know.
Enjoy exploration and uncertainty. 
Embrace that which makes you doubt again,
that which allows your joints to feel variability, 
a new rhythm. 
Cultivate a practice that provokes you, 
a practice that gives you an energy surplus.
Put yourself at risk and learn to recognise 
what is better than simply good enough.

Who can see beyond the obvious? 
Who has the courage to see the body 
not as something we should control and stifle, 
but as a poetry, with spaces between the words 
and joints that allow different interpretations 
and new meanings.
We are not machines made for a single purpose.
We are all you can imagine.



Stray dogs are a group of committed practitioners forming a learning community around FM Practice. It is a beautiful metaphor: “stray” says a lot about being highly adaptive, intelligent and free, somebody who owns himself or herself Whereas the “dog” indicates loyalty, friendship and belonging. We are stray dogs, we are all on our own yet creating together, and by common effort marking the new territory to which we all belong.

Performer and teacher, also known as the “polish hammer”. Rooted herself with FM practice. She shares FM practice traveling all around the globe and in cyberspace by the online guidance.

Natalia would not mind being a bird or an ocean –but she is the happiest when she can be herself. As a stray dog she is of grandparents from French gypsies with roots in pointer’s, father from Italian mafia and mother with blood of German shepherds. She is a stray dog since this is her way. 

Currently busy with FM, stillness, TCM and joy of life. 

If she would be asked to close with a quote she would say:
“All I ask is that you step with me into the boundlessness, where constancy, quietude and peace, infinite emptiness reign.”

Location: Brussels & everywhere and nowhere

Jakub is a practitioner and educator with background in martial arts, capoeira, dance and sports. He is also professionally involved in information technology and change in organisations. Looking how to create a meaningful practice and practical philosophy that will be supporting us in our ever changing life circumstances. A practice to keep us inspired and love life despite lack of appreciation, impossible challenges and stupid rules. 

He is a Stray Dog. Member a fellowship of committed practitioners and teachers around the FM Practice. People from different backgrounds operating in diverse contexts who share interest and curiosity. People who appreciate diversity, lack of one truth, critical eye and opening up possibilities for human development. We are free to go but we prefer to meet and keep inspiring each other.

Location: Prague

Born and raised in London, sport and motion has been a focal part of my life. Playing a number of sports to a high level through my developing years, at 18 my path turned to finding ways for other people to reach their physical potential as an Osteopath. Over the last 18 years, mostly unknowingly, I have been in the pursuit of singularity. For me, this pursuit of singularity is to find a collective personal truth in the different paths that I walk, a truth that resonates in all that I do, to live a philosophy that resonates across my life, my work, how I move and my relationships.

From the lineage of wolves
Continually exploring, wandering the landscape
No boundaries, free from conformity, Instagram @somaculture,

Location: Dubai / London

Marko Gronholm is a physiotherapist based in Turku, Finland. He is specialized in sports, athletic development and orthopedics, locomotor system and musculoskeletal disorders. Marko works with top level athletes in various sports and leads the physiotherapy team in a respected private hospital in Turku. As a stray dog Marko applies the FM Practice in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, experiments and tries to learn how the practice could be developed and utilized within the medical field.

Above all, stray dogs are individuals. They are close FM students, practitioners, teachers, clinicians and much more. Stray dogs are experts each on their individual fields and apply FM Practice each on their unique way and domain. They have the freedom to evolve, grow and do the things they enjoy the most.

Achievements Translated and published four books so far in Finland. Fifth will be out in 2021.

Location: Turku, Finland

As physiotherapist I’ve been working with pain clients and sports related injuries for more than a decade. Eversince spezializing in joint integrity and holistic health, I was always cautious about what and how to exercise - knowing that It’s the way we move in our daily lifes and sports that shapes our future health rather than this or that exercise. The body mirroring the qualities of past experiences. FM-Practice perfectly fits into that and enhances physiotherapy greatly - It’s become more individualized and playful - more alive.

We’re scattered but choose a common path, we’re individuals but meet to connect, we go off the beaten path to gain perspective, we dance, we play, we experiment and wrestle - to survive and thrive - as stray dogs - ancient roots and unwilling to domesticate.
Instagram: manuelmbohn

Location: Krems and Vienna, Austria

Olivier Goetgeluck’s research and curiosity hover around in the mapping of ‘body’ in relation to its influence on and inspiration of creative human becoming. In practical terms he has been working in the domain of youth sports coaching and teaching since 2011, when he founded “Elite Athletes” in Belgium. As the Play-Performance Director for their basketball academy he aims to constantly innovate how physical education can be re-thought in a way that it nourishes and supports kids’ intuition, creativity, expression and emotional-resilience.

Olivier is a Stray Dog because he cannot keep himself from finding ways to go and look at the outskirts of the map, the currently accepted as bounded, he gets restless and easily bored in complacency - and realises that those who ever saw beyond the known did so because they strayed.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Mother of two. Former athlete with the heart of a dancer. 
She finished her university studies in public economy and non-profit organizations and keeps working in this field with different projects.
Her interest is in understanding of herself and the others, in finding a meaningful relations across different fields and creating a nourishing environment for humankind to grow.

Stray dogs
Play and give
Enjoy and take
Take a part
But stay alert
Don't get bribed by comfort of known
So you can bark, if they try to stop you to grow
Taking nothing
This love has got no ceiling

Location: Banska Bystrica / Slovakia

Mikko Rinnevuori(M. Ed.) is the co-founder and headmaster of the Parkour Academy and Circus School of Helsinki. He also works as a writer and a circus artist. In addition to educational sciences background he has faculty studies in sport sciences, dramaturgy and languages. Author of two books about acrobatics and handbalancing, he has competed in the Finland gymnastics national team and performed around the world in different performances. 

As an FM Stray Dog, he is proud to call others in this group his friends. These friends are not unified by language, culture or neighborhood but common experiences in the FM domain, pursuit for something higher and will to communicate better. He is looking forward to see each one of them in the near future, for one can never know for sure who will be there. 

Achievements: Two-time Finnish champion in Teamgym gymnastics, author of two books. 

Location: Helsinki, Finland

I’m a Psychologist, and dance teacher. Moving and teaching movement is first of all about creativity, about giving myself and my students a space to feel connected, to feel surprised, to be playful, to stay curious. It is about growing and evolving as human beings, as individuals and as a community. It is about communication, about telling stories, including our own story, through gestures, actions, distance or closeness, musicality, rhythm, and touch, rather than just through words.

It is about feeling alive, rooted and free at the same time, as a stray dog does who comes and goes in order to stay alive. With no owner, no leash, independent even in a pack. A nomad citizen of the world. A curious soul by nature. With an unlimited territory to discover and a home wherever it decides to stay, even if for a little while.

Location: Milano, Italy.

I am a father of two, a coach and an eager researcher at heart. I am a stray dog, a wanderer in the territory of human development. I believe that we can learn way more than exercises through physical training. Moving our body is life experience in itself. Through the motion of our body we can look at living in its entire meaning if we wish to do so. I aim to improve lives through individual and interactive movement situations. I invite to explore and broaden bodily possibilities in a safe environment through a playful attitude. I promote ageless athleticism.

Location: Adelaide / Australia

A new father, growing long in tooth...searching for old wisdom and simple truths.
Grateful for Jozef as a teacher. Thankful for the FM Practice. Consistently inspired by fellow FM practitioners- a feral bunch for sure :) 

Location: Seattle, WA 

Andre enjoyed-endured a 10-year career as a professional football player in the CFL achieving numerous accolades including Grey Cup Champion & Team Captain, as well as, an illustrious university athletics career at Wilfrid Laurier. He is Founder/Director of the Spirit Loft Movement Centre in Toronto, Canada, a studio which embraces a rich tapestry of varied movement, stillness and community-based practices. Andre uses his rich athletic experience, specialized trainings and the Fighting Monkey methodology as foundational tools to skillfully assess, train and help human beings in the fields of sport-specific performance, rehabilitation and optimization for life. 

As a stray dog, Andre thrives and is inspired by the support of his FM pack and the freedom to rove and express his uniqueness. 

Achievements: Grey Cup Champion, 10 Seasons Played in the CFL
Insta @spiritloft

Location: Toronto, Canada

I have been on a ravenous journey of discovery since the age of 9, when I found Okinawan Karate and meditation. Since that time, I have sought truth and embodied knowledge through studying human movement and other artistic expressions. In addition to being a U.S. 9Speedtool Instructor, I have a blackbelt in Warangdo Combat Jiu Jitsu, am a First Generation Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, a 500+ Hour Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, and a personal trainer with a focus on strength and conditioning. 

Stray dogs understand growth on individual and communal levels requires following one’s heart, exploring many roads, and returning to the pack. This ebbing and flowing between straying and returning not only builds personal power, but also strengthens the community.

Location: USA New York, NY / Asheville, NC  

Having been a professional dancer (3 times European Silver, 2 times World Finals in South American Showdance), having finished my doctoral studies in philosophy at Vilnius University, having worked as facilitator and a host (Art of Hosting community), studying with the greatest teachers in the field of movement I ended up co-creating something where all of the above came together – Movement Vilnius, a movement school providing a holistic movement education. With FM I grow since 2018. Ever since I am grateful for being supported and challenged in becoming the best version of myself. 

Location: Vilnius

Raised in the South of Australia, I have been on a long journey as a tennis player/coach. This individual sport has taught me a great deal about responsibility and resilience, while providing me the opportunity to connect and share my passions with others, leading me to many great people. I am nothing without the people around me, I am fortunate enough to have met such influential people, who express such a love for life. This has shaped me to be a curious individual wanting to break the conventional way, allowing new ways to emerge. I hope to give back to others what has been given to me. 

Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach 
Bachelor in Education (Primary/Middle) University of South Australia 
Instagram: lukesebastiani

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Daniel Strange is a fitness coach and educator based in Hong Kong. He is the founder of Motion Evolutions, Personal Training and specialises in body composition, athletic development, locomotor system and “desk-bound” related injuries. Daniel works privately with individuals to express themselves through movement, in a way that nourishes and supports their quality of life and ageing process. 

As a stray dog, Daniel applies FM practice in the world of fitness and athletic development, to help empower others to reach their personal goals, and learns how to evolve pre existing ideas in the realms of fitness and long term health. At the core, stray dogs are human beings that are inspired by endless possibilities and not knowing where the limit lies.

Location: Hong Kong, Asia Pacific Region 

Emma is Co-founder and Director of Aspen Coaching in Perth, Australia, a space for everyday people to move, learn and be supported to create a healthy physical practice.

She has been a trainer since 2007 and has continually developed her approach to help people achieve balance in their life and body. Emma’s wants to help people rediscover autonomy and create a sense of ownership for their body. She believes that things must be experienced to be learnt and there is no better vehicle for this than movement itself. Emma attended her first Fighting Monkey event in 2016 and her feet have been firmly planted on their path since. 

Location: Perth - Western Australia 

Elke is Fighting Monkey student and instructor. Her movement background includes dance, floorwork, acrobatics, yoga, archery and martial arts.  She leads practices that are fluid, strong, creative, full of Play, rough-housing, and curiosity, tempered with attunement to self-awareness. 

A Stray Dog.
Tame by choice, sometimes… Feral by decision.
It is wise to know that survival is not in isolation;
Fierce with curiosity, 
Always exploring, whether moving or in stillness. 
Stray dogs eat uncertainty
Because tomorrow never knows.

Location: Toronto, Canada/Nomadic

Kraaijeveld is a contemporary dance artist and instructor.  Her grit, adaptability, intelligence and sense of humor have supported her work in diverse projects.  She toured internationally with many artists.  She has a Master of Arts degree in Dance Pedagogy, and has taught at institutions and organizations across Canada, in Europe, and the United States. 

Being a stray dog is an act of listening.  I am happy to be a stray - astray! - : a little lost, wandering, wondering, very curious and free.

Location: Montréal Canada

Raised in the Shawangunk mountains of New York, Anna is a dance artist, choreographer, singer, and FM practitioner.  Anna has performed and taught extensively at festivals and schools across the US, and has worked with a variety of choreographers at home and abroad. She holds her BFA in dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  Her own creations exist in the realms of dance film / theatre, and have been presented around the EU, US and UK.  Anna is happiest by the ocean, roving with her pack of 3 brothers, collaborating, laughing and sweating with others.

Wild, resourceful, intuitive. Cunning when necessary.  Always communicating with her whole body.  Anna loves her stray dog existence.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Born and raised in Austria. Wandering through life. Experiencing the stage with a violin and later on by singing. Dedicating my studies to the theory and history of dramatic art and working in different fields of the theatre. At the age of 25 I found dance and movement and the unknown turned into something real and present. I came in touch with FM Practice during my dance education and I started to discover myself through practice and movement.  FM gave me the vision to be the creator of my own universe. Dedication, curiosity and the path in uncertain territory for a better understanding of myself and a deeper connection with my environment. 

Location: Vienna and Klagenfurt, Austria

Sebastiaan has a great curiosity and enthusiasm for bringing arts, business and sports together. Recently he opened De Studio Rotterdam, which is a place for professional movement education. Through his work he helps people to become physically and mentally more resilient, where he mainly works with entrepreneurs, triathletes and people who suffer from a burnout. Since 2016 the work of FM has gradually been integrated in his personal and professional life.

Tolerance to the irregular and acting in a shared space.
Stable, though adaptive to handle ever changing environments.
Meeting diversity and pressure, building resilience to be soft and alive.

I have strayed too far.
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I’m a dancer born and based in Iceland. The island in the north where the sun disappears behind the mountains over the winter, then slowly fills the days until there is no darkness left, and then again. FM practice within the fields of sports and art. Working with kids and teens to understand the way their own body works, how to approach practice both physically and mentally, and how to nurture their motivation for movement

Searching for the beautiful and finding the ugly, accepting that there is not one without the other
wanting more. Questioning the fixed path, the roadmaps, the knowledge.
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Eliška Benešová is dancer, performer and movement teacher. She has been sharing her experience from the dance and „Fighting Monkey Practice“ at various schools and academies in Europe and Latin America. She keeps on with her education within the FM.
Story-tellers sharing messages based on passion to discover what does it mean to be a human creature in its whole complexity. And to give support if you feel you need to make a step towards yourself or to explore unknown territories.
Location: Prague

Ben is a father of 3 and movement coach focussed on facilitating playful & meaningful practice, mainly in outdoor spaces in dialogue and context with the seasons. He invites people to refresh innate play drives - to run, jump, climb, wrestle and dance. He sees movement practice as a vehicle for personal and social development and discovery, a chance to reconnect and observe relationships with yourself, each other and your surroundings, with play being an opportunity to cultivate creative capacity with one’s environment. Ben draws inspiration from his children, having the privilege to glimpse at the world through their eyes to rediscover childlike qualities we admire and embrace.

Stray dogs feed together and feed each other with no expectation to stay. They will come back not just for the food, but because of the relationships, bonds made, care shown and mutual inspiration to one another. The bond will not expire, nor does it require being tied to the feeders. Stray dogs build relationships based on the trust that friendship with freedom lasts and makes everyone happy. 

Location: London, UK

Born in 1976. Husband and father of two children. Lives in Warsaw. Hung Gar Kung Fu Master. Animal Flow Master Instructor. Founder of the Martial Arts Academy in Warsaw ( FM practitioner. Fascinated by FM methodology and tools, he continues his development and transfers the acquired knowledge to his students. 

As a FM stray dog, he opened up to new ones. He started looking for more. He began to integrate FM ideas into his training and life. He freed himself from the world of repetition and forms. Open minded. Individual. Observes, learns, applies, verifies, rejects, adapts, uses, teaches.

IG: @kungfumiro

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Born and raised in Berlin, multilingual and multicultural. I hold/teach group classes on locomotion, mobility and movement games in Berlin to offer a different perspective on how to enjoy your ability to move and learn permanently. I also work with patients/clients individually to help them deal with obstacles they encountered and learn about their own ways and resources to overcome them.

Leaving the mindset of the house dog, becoming a stray dog, embracing a culture of exploring original solutions to problems in an environment shaped by a society of dog owners and their pets. Leaving the protected environment we can gain an honest insight into what is already out there.

Instagram: @tobiportella, 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Miguel's passion is to research, learn and share about movement and its applications to make our everyday lives easier and better. Developing a practice which can serve as a feedback system and provide us with the energy to enjoy life.It all started around 16 years ago in Brazil (Miguel's country of origin), leading to a few years in Australia and lastly, to Spain, where he has lived since 2011.

 In 2015, in Barcelona, Miguel created Moov, a movement school project in which he guides private and group classes, and workshops. Moov is his laboratory and houses his research on movement and creative exploration.

Being a FM Stray Dog means to me to be on a journey. The destination is unknown. Some parts of the way we cover on our own, trying to understand ourselves better. Others we walk together, and celebrate the fact that we are a part of something bigger. That, actually, we need each other to understand ourselves better. Because, we are who we are through others. 

Stray dog. Playful dog. Dogs play. I play. Like a child plays. How does it play? Without hesitance. Full on. With ease and delight. But radically. Ferociously. In the realms of the game there is no compromise. No shame. No inhibition. But afterwards it was still a game. I can let go. I can rethink. Structure. Cook. Taste it again. Make it more delicious. Share it. 


I work as an actor in theatre and film. Beforehand I studied Scenography, creating fictional spaces and stories and communicating those via visual arts.

I started breakdancing when I was 14 Years old and had my first encounter with Fighting Monkey 2013. From there on I dived into multiple physical practices like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Contemporary Dance.  

Currently I'm part of the Ensemble at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe, act in german and international TV-Shows and research intensively into acting techniques, voice development and communication. 

Still a Soccer Player, while coaching and developing athletes. Working towards creating something new and dynamic, you must stray off the path of the known. I have been a trainer since 2018 and the learning curve has been exponential. Learning over the recent years of practice and diving into FM, I have shifted more from the known into the unknown and from being specific to being less specific. Thinking there was a one size fits all for everyone to now humbly understanding there is not, which has made my mission for people to experience and increase their love for life. Being a stray dog, Creating my own path, where no one has gone before, with a willingness to share, while simultaneously experiencing this with more people. Going astray, going alone, yet never really being alone. 

Mother of two. A stray dog since I was 16 years old, moving through various hands-on métiers, finally discovering dance & martial arts in my early 20s. I have performed in live theatrical shows and taught workshops in over 42 countries. My dedication to movement and its power to connect people from all continents kept me on the move, until January 2018 when a serious accident left me in a wheelchair. I discovered FM and the practice helped me reconnect to my physicality, to trust my body’s capacity and to get back to dancing on stage again within the same year.  Currently teaching movement at a local physiotherapy clinic, guiding people of all ages and varied disorders ranging from back pain to neurodegenerative disease, stroke survivors, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

Stray dogs have no masters. We are creative, curious and free to dance out of the box. Stray dogs are individuals within an expanding network, each with the common wish to thrive and to play, to counter, question and dismantle dogmatic systems. We sculpt our landscape through movement, bringing resilience, independence and beauty to any domain. 


BJEPS Educateur Sportif Européen. Activités de la Forme. Cours Collectifs.
Certified FRCms® Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. 
Qualified Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor VTCV City and Guilds. 
Instagram: @samanthaemanuel23


There is a line that unites us as humans. This line doesn’t define or choose borders or culture and informs and liberates us instead of restricting and limiting our choices of movement. Since 1998, I’ve been learning Traditional Healing practices having Chinese Medicine as a starting point. If I had to define right now what I’m doing would be something like a body sustainability adviser and researcher for a healing language that is not from east or west, it’s rooted in our deep DNA, long before Man drew lines in the maps and mess with his internal and external landscape at large scale.

FM Stray Dogs are a manifesto of what you can create together without the boundaries of human domestication. It's about how you communicate this to the world, no matter how challenging are the crisis or joys that you find yourself in. And it all starts with the curiosity and art of assessing your best zero and how curious are you to dwell in this endless and joyous path.

After 3.8 Billion years this is what the search for homeostasis has to offer.

I'm looking for another way to do things,
I try to make impossible things
I accept failure as part of the process
the problem is that I don't know what success or failure are.

I look back to understand the present,
I work on a strategy,
I look into the past and it has changed.

I'm on a quest for better communication & longevity
I'm not looking for more minutes 
I'm looking for longer minutes.


I've been a vocational coach since an early age: I started coaching a small group at my rowing club when I was 15 and I still love that feeling of learning every time I coach a session.

I competed (rowing, judo, b-boying) until 2013 when I crashed against a van. After that moment, with a new no-competitive approach to my practice, I started a healing process using Calisthenics and Parkour as tools. One day in 2016 I attended a Fighting Monkey workshop in Barcelona and I felt attracted to those non-verbal principles hidden behind the games and forms. 

For reasons far away from useful or practical, my wife and I moved to NYC for two years. There I was working as a parkour coach and I was lucky enough to meet Ozzie at Tompkins Square Park. He introduced me to a new understanding of the practice and human quality.

Now in London I followed the Mentorship to keep my journey to the unknown.

Here in London I'm working as a movement and parkour coach using the Fighting Monkey principles as core of my practice and keeping my little baby girl undomesticated.