Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek are the founders of Fighting Monkey Practice. They are both professionally involved in art, athletics and movement research. Since 2002 Linda and Jozef have been developing the Fighting Monkey Practice through a deep study of cross motion analysis, with the aim to understand principles of human movement, communication and the ageing process.


Linda Kapetanea

Linda graduated from the Greek State School of Dance in Athens. With a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation, she later studied at the Merce Cunningham Studio, Movement Research and Dance Space, New York. After this she collaborated with several companies in Greece and abroad. In 2002, she was awarded “Best Performer” of the 2002-3 season by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Between 2002- 2005 she performed with Flemish Ultima Vez Company/Wim Vandekeybus (Blush, Blush Movie, Sonic Boom, Puur, Here After Movie.) In 2006 she and Jozef Frucek formed RootlessRoot, a vehicle for their own productions, research and teaching. Together with Jozef, Linda is developing the research program of Fighting Μonkey - an applied methodology of martial arts in the education of dancers, actors and movement practitioners. They regularly give workshops at international festivals and in vocational schools. From 2006 - 2012 she was on the teaching faculty at the ATHENS State School for Dance. Since 2018, Linda has been the Artistic Director of Kalamata Dance Festival (Greece.)

Jozef Frucek

Jozef received his ArtD degree in Voice and Movement in 2002 under the supervision of Ludmila Machatsova. He is part of the teaching faculty of AMDA University Bratislava and Director of the Genova Art Festival. He regularly collaborates with professional athletes, physiotherapists, scientists and movement enthusiasts from around the world. Jozef has taught in Solski University Krakow, Princeton University, Stockholm Art University, and Charles University Prague and his seminars are presented in Asia, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe. For over 20 years Jozef has been studying the internal principles of movement and their relation to health and aging under the guidance of Master Ming Wong C.Y., a doctor of Chinese Medicine.

The quest for better communication

FM Practice research is centred around communication, physical dexterity and creative thinking and moving to be capable of solving real life problems and thrive in life.

  • Practice should have 3 fundamental building blocks to offer you capacity to cope with changing and challenging lives we live:
  • Feedback

    You need appropriate feedback, to recognise and inform you that you are in trouble.
  • Correction

    Practical tools to correct those errors.
  • Better planning

    It should provoke creativity and ingenuity to keep the window of plasticity open. This allows you to keep learning and improving your knowing and responding, and helps you to plan and prepare better for an enjoyable future.
Success in life is in the capacity to create a higher level of adaptive stability that allows you to live effectively under various conditions and to continue learning.

Zero forms

Zero Forms are Structural and Kinetic Hygiene practices for better performance, life and ageing that support your physiological integrity to heal, prevent and diminish your future injuries.

They are engineered to create a dynamically coordinated structure that can effectively accommodate the forces which are acting upon us.

Movement situations

Life rarely happens as you expect.

Most of the time it is unpredictable. Movement Situations serve to develop a tolerance of the irregular and the capacity to handle life’s earthquakes.

Movement Situations are obstacle games designed to test the validity of your knowledge in various conditions and to evaluate how creatively adaptable you are in complex situations.

Communication strategies

Study how you communicate.

Observe what dialogue you enact with yourself and others in times of crisis or when you are challenged.

Question what you already know and how this shapes your future learning, how you acquire new knowledge, how you break habits and create better ones.

Research what strategies you can use for more efficient learning to cultivate versatile qualities rather than fixed skills and drills.

fm instructors

  • Europe & Middle East

    • Natalia Pieczuro

      Belgium, Brussels
    • Jakub Zeman

      Czech Republic, Prague
    • Anna Mahalia Rose

      Germany, Berlin
    • Bart Biermasz

      Netherlands, Arnhem
    • Ben Medder

      UK, London
    • Campbell Caspary

      Germany, Berlin / Karlsruhe
    • Dana Iova-Koga

      Switzerland & New York
    • Dario Feola

    • Eliška Benešová

      Czech Republic, Prague
    • Erla Rut Mathiesen

      Iceland, Reykjavik
    • Filip Droszcz

      Poland, Warsaw
    • Francesca Turchi

      Italy, Milan
    • Giorgio Ferrè

      Italy, Arona / Lago Maggiore / Varese
    • Jade van den Hout

      Netherlands, Tilburg
    • Jorge Ortiz

      Germany, Berlin
    • Julian Goldstein

      Germany, Hamburg
    • Justas Kučinskas

      Lithuania, Vilnius
    • Karīna Lapšina

      Latvia, Riga
    • Kris Rai

      UK, London & UAE, Dubai
    • Lourenço de Azevedo

      Portugal, Braga
    • Luc Tranchet

      Switzerland, Geneva
    • Maarten Krielen

      Germany, Berlin
    • Manuel Bohn

      Austria, Krems / Vienna
    • Miguel Viero

      Spain, Barcelona & Brazil, Porto Alegre
    • Mikko Rinnevuori

      Finland, Helsinki
    • Olivier Goetgeluck

      Belgium, Antwerp
    • Ozana Marginean

      Spain, Barcelona
    • Roberto Regueiro

      UK, London & Spain
    • Samantha Emanuel

      UK & France
    • Stefan Crainic

      Germany, Berlin
    • Thales Manuel Weilinger

      Austria, Vienna / Klagenfurt
    • Tobias Portella

      Germany, Berlin
    • Yeli Beurskens

      Netherlands, Arnhem
    • Zuzana Handzusova

      Slovakia, Banska Bystrica
  • America

    • Ada Ho

      Canada, Toronto
    • Alanna Kraaijeveld

      Canada, Montréal
    • Andre Talbot

      Canada, Toronto
    • Arielle Warnke St-Pierre

      Canada, Quebec
    • Cristóbal Griñó

      Chile, Santiago
    • Elke Schroeder

      Canada, Toronto/Nomadic
    • Luke C White

      USA, New York & Asheville, NC
  • Asia-Pacific

    • Dean Philp

      Australia, Adelaide
    • Eduardo Sacoo Caprotti

      Australia, Adelaide
    • Emma Robson

      Australia, Perth
    • Daniel Strange

      Hong Kong & Asia-Pacific
    • Hyunjung “LiJo” Moon

    • Luke Sebastiani

      Australia, Adelaide
    • Masa Suzuki

      Japan, Tokyo
    • Oliver Zafiridis

      Australia, Adelaide
    • Soisci Porchetta

      Australia, Canberra / Sydney / Newcastle
    • Sumin Cho

    • Yoonil Kim