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Fighting Monkey Private

6, 7, 8 January 2023
“The unimaginable beast”
FM Private is designed for practitioners
that are daring to explore
creative ways
of learning and teaching.


“The unimaginable beast”

If I asked you to find
the most important questions
that are worth finding an answer to,
would you be able to formulate them?

If I said that
what is true today
is no longer true tomorrow,
because everything depends on the context and the situation,
what would remain unchanged?

If I gave you 3 simple building blocks,
how many compositions could you create with them?
Why are good solutions good enough
and what stops us from searching for even better ones?

Being creative is not something
that can be learned from
Google Search or from reading books.

Creativity is irreducibly experiential,
reflective and an ongoing form of probing, asking,
searching for the impossible.
Creativity is the gentle quality of an artist
to see what others are unable to perceive.
But creativity is not given,
it must be provoked;
and once awakened, it is truly the beast
capable of anything.



Kalamata 24100, Greece
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